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Custom Mobile App Development – Apt Solutions for Clients of Every Size


Mobiles are extensively used devices for communication and customer interaction. Whether it is about delivering real time information or executing business on the go, mobile devices are proven to be boon for all kinds and sizes of businesses. Bukisweb is a top mobile app development company in Nigeria, constantly engaged in developing technically competent, innovative and user-friendly applications that meet our clients’ expectations. Our team has an extensive experience and expertise in mobile app development for Apple iOS and android platform, for all types of devices. We proffer end to end mobile app development solutions to keep you connected with your business. Our mobile app development team is proficient in almost all kinds of mobile app needs of online businesses keeping the best UI/UX and applications for mobiles, to development and deployment of intricate mobile applications. From start-ups to established enterprises, our team is proficient in harnessing the power of mobile apps for all kinds and sizes of businesses.

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iOS Mobile Application

Our dynamic bunch of iPhone app developers are proficient in offering a complete range of iPhone development services, varying from app design to quality control, release, upgrade and maintenance. Our mobile app developers also specialise in building on-demand custom iPhone apps to suit various business models.

iPad App

We develop feature-rich and scalable iPAD applications with high standards that add more value to every solution generating superb quality.

Android App

Our apps are fully functional to accelerate your operations and give your customer an engaging user experience.

Wearable Device App

We empower them with sensors, data monitoring, and smart screens that are flexible for multiple types of devices.

Native Mobile Application

Our developers build native apps with modern features:

  • Native apps that run faster on each platform.
  • Leverage full advantage of in-built features of OS.
  • Highly encrypted, scalable and responsive UI & UX.
Hybrid Mobile Application

We have a dedicated team of Hybrid App Developers who deliver:

  • Futuristic solutions that make you ready for tomorrow's advancement.
  • Cost-efficient apps that fit your app development budget.
  • On-time project delivery within the project deadline.


Native Mobile Application

We create OS and Device specific mobile applications leveraging the full capabilities of OS’s inbuilt features, with scalable, secure capability and high-end UI & UX.

Hybrid Mobile Application

When you want hybrid apps to target users across all OS platforms and devices, we are the experts to create cross-platform apps that provide native-like experience, along with custom integrations specific to your requirements.

Client Focus
  • Start-up Businesses

  • Digital Agencies

  • Enterprises & Governments

  • Healthcare Apps

    Compliant healthcare apps that are dedicated to improve your medical care service

  • Banking and Finance

    Enterprise-grade app to cater to your entire financial and banking service structure needs

  • E-Commerce Apps

    Master online selling game inbuilt with all the needful features and functions to improve user’s shopping experience

  • Music & Entertainment Apps

    Digitize your media and entertainment business powered with AI, AR/VR and more features and functions

  • Gaming Apps

    Give that addictive and fun-filled experience to users with our advanced gaming app development expertise

  • Taxi/Cab Booking Apps

    Deliver ride convenience and comfort to your users with cab booking apps

  • Hospitality Apps

    Hotel, flight booking, search – tell your requirement, we are up for it with features like virtual tours, AR navigation, payment gateways, kiosks, ERP and eTicketing System

  • Food Delivery Apps

    Make your food delivery process seamless and fast with our advanced development process

  • Health & Fitness Apps

    Mobile, wearable devices app, whatever you are require that fits the specific need of your target audience

  • E-Wallet Apps

    Create a success story in the field of digital payments with our advanced e-wallet banking solution

  • Education & E-Learning Apps

    Create smart learning solutions for your audience with 3D book reading apps, LMSs and knowledge based apps

  • Start-up

    We build an MVP to analyze the full roadmap of your business and then develop the best solutions to help you reach your business goals.

  • Digital Agencies

    From marketing to ads, we bring innovative mobile applications that resonate with market trends.

  • Enterprises & Governments

    We build large-scale and complex mobile apps for big enterprises while keeping full adherence to govt norms.

  • Real Estate Apps

    Reach out to more customers and let them enjoy searching their dream locations using our modern real estate mobile apps.

  • We are not just limited to what is mentioned above – Tell us what type of app you want, and we are one it – Bringing you the customized, exceptional and advanced app that is unique, scalable and growth-focused.




The initial phase is about discovering what you require. It all boils down to what industry you belong to, what your objective is and what end-result you are looking to gain.



In consultation with clients, the project managers sit down to define the strategy, identifying the app users, researching the competition and selecting the mobile platform, technology and methodology, and allocating the resources.



This stage is about creating the product roadmap, prioritizing the app requirements, grouping them in delivery milestones. From app name to identifying the skills needed for development initiative, a thorough analysis and planning lays the foundation for seamless development process.


Information Architecture

This phase is about determining what data the app will display, what it will collect and how it is going to interact with the users.


Prototype & Wireframe Creation

We select the finest of the design options, test theories to develop the app prototype, laying specific emphasis on the core functionality and performance of the app. This helps to give clarity to the clients considering the app flow, app structure, functional parameters and design principles.


UI/UX Design

Better the UI/UX, more engaging it is for the users or customers. Our goal is to create polished UI design helping with early adoption, delivering intuitive, interactive and user-friendly result.


Style Guide

What font family the app will us, what the color scheme be, how the brand be reflected in the app design – all these are essential to give unique identity and life to the app, improving its productivity.


App Development

Consisting of three integral parts – back-end/server technology, APIs & app front-end, the developmental process is undertaken by the team following an iterative and incremental design process incorporating your ideas to perfection. A dedicated project manager is assigned to handle the entire app development process.


Quality Control / Assurance

QA is a very important process that is as significant as any other phase. Following standard methods we ensure that the app is high on all the quality performance metrics.



Following standard testing methodologies we perform test steps, record testing results for software quality evaluation, and track fixes for retesting to ensure 100% bug-free end-product.


App Launch & Publishing

Based on client’s approval, making the modifications as per suggestions and finally testing it for 100% bug-free performance we rollout the app following all the guidelines as per the particular App Store.



Our work doesn’t end with the delivery and publishing of Apps on App Store. We are there for you keeping track of what the initial reaction to the app is, how it is performing, taking all the necessary steps to give you complete support for the post-launch period.


Target Potential Users

We work with a user-centric approach knowing who you are targeting, delivering an end-product that is exactly what you are looking for.

High Performance Deliverance

We keep it our top priority to create an app that is high on performance and behaves expediently when experiencing certain load sizes.

Increase Brand Exposure

In-built with high-end and comprehensive features and functions that are relevant, well-considered to re-target, re-engage users while increasing brand exposure.

Build Trust and Loyalty

With scalable and secure features, our app creation process ensures a product that pushes loyalty and trust of app users.

Provide Delightful Experience

We help you create a more real experience to your users, developing a strong connection with them, standing out in a way that benefits them one way or another.

Scalability & Interoperability

Our app development team incorporates interoperability and scalability with enough room for creating further technological advancements to deliver high value.

Compliance & Security

Whether simple or complex, we pay full heed to the compliance and security considerations, addressing all the business standards and requirements.

Cross-Platform Reach

Today's users are everywhere and they use different mobile devices which add a plus point for your business. We build apps that flow seamlessly across all popular OS platforms and equip them with technologies to assure your app reaches the maximum target audience.


The right mobile app development depends on what technology and platform is being used. Our consistent learning curve, in-depth research and adoption of wide-scale of technologies ensure that we pick the most suitable tool and technology for customized app development process.


  • Objective-C

  • Swift

  • iOS SDK


  • Java for Android

  • Android Studio

  • Kotlin

  • Xamarin


  • React Native

  • Flutter

And more


Strict planning, documentation, and process requires understanding the requirements, creating the room for future changes and adopting an approach that delivers success for each stage of the app development life-cycle.

The Basic stages of app development life-cycle:

  • Planning

  • Analysis

  • Design

  • Construction

  • Testing

  • Implementation

  • Support

We adopt and work with proven methodologies that deliver on exact requirements of each and every app development process:


Agile Manifesto launched in 2001 by a team of 17 technologies, which today has become a powerful tool or method for software development. Agile methodology enables developer team to manage the entire project in a more controlled manner and helps them build result-oriented solutions.

Suitable for:

  • Large project that needs to be broken down into multiple sprints
  • Team of specialists working on the project
  • Planning out the project ahead of the time


This classic methodology has still strong dominance in software development practices that eases project delivery on time. The waterfall model is a linear project management methodology where stakeholders and client's requirements are gathered at the very beginning of the project. The model is well-known for its each phase-wise based project completion.

Suitable for:

  • Not many changes are anticipated
  • Fixed-budget projects
  • Client isn’t expected to be involved with the project till the very end


Rapid application development model is a modern software development methodology that is based on prototyping without any specific planning. RAD focuses more on development tasks than planning. Therefore, it is highly recommended for rapid software development.

Suitable for:

  • Pressing business
  • Highly experienced team is handling the development process
  • Flexible delivery date of the project

With over 1,000 projects delivered for more than 800 global clients, Bukisweb is a premium mobile app development company that provides a complete range of software development services tailored to your business needs. From ideation to creation- we build what you imagine. Whether you are looking for an MVP to validate your product, a prototype to receive funding, or a full-fledged solution built from scratch, we just deliver the best all the way through.

What Makes Us Your Ideal Mobile App Developer Partners – Our Strengths

Whatever you have in your mind, you can rest assure that our mobile app developers are on it - With advanced knowledge and expertise in mobile space, we have successfully delivered application development services to offshore clients as per their specifications and expectations. Our sole goal is to leverage technology to take your business to the next level. Looking for quick reliable, affordable and user friendly mobile app development services - Feel free to contact the prominent mobile app development company in Nigeria!

IoT App Development

Let all your devices feel connected to you.

The IoT ecosystem is exploring day by day across all different industries. Integrating mobile apps with gadgets and different devices has a huge futuristic scope of creating marvelous user experiences. IoT app development company gives you new abilities by integrating mobile apps with sensors, cloud services, home devices, data, QA testing and automation.

IoT empowers you to utilize technology for targeting new users and thereby increasing the efficiency of products reaching the market. eSearch is enabling IoT vendors, corporations, and small-scale industries to use the full power of connecting devices and wearables to the internet not only to automate the processes but also to leverage technology for future transformation.

Bukisweb offers a broad range of IoT app development services that meet your technical and business needs.

IoT Solutions for devices,
products, and vehicles

IoT App

IoT Backend & API

IoT Gateway

IoT Cloud


IoT Testing &


Wearable gadget

Smart home

Voice based IoT

IoT middleware



iBeacon App Development

Get the simplest way to connect your life
with technology

iBeacon gives the simplest yet most effective app-based solutions. With Apple Inc.'s implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), it enables mobile apps (both Android and iOS) to receive signals from beacons and communicate easily within a short distance.

Therefore, iBeacon technology helps in establishing a connection between the material and digital world by allowing the beacon hardware to determine the proximity & location of nearby devices.

We at Bukisweb offers customized iBeacon app development solutions that give an enhanced experience, communication, and device connectivity. We help you to make your ideas come true by channelizing the venture with iBeacon technologies at an affordable budget in the industry.

Our Salient iBeacon App Development Services:

  • iBeacon Enterprise Application

  • iBeacon Location and
    Proximity App

  • iBeacon Integration

  • iBeacon Development for
    Small Business

  • Custom iBeacon App

  • iBeacon Mobile App

  • iBeacon App

  • iBeacon Business app

  • Indoor Maps and
    Navigation App

  • Vehicle Tracking and

  • Utility App

  • Proximity Marketing

AR Apps

Augmenting your ideas into reality with modern
AR app development services

How amazing it is to see the 3D vision of any object before building or buying it. You get the overall idea of how your final product looks like.

Augmented reality is the next-gen step in the digital revolution that allows you to do more than it ever could with the power of app development and device technology. Connect your real world with virtual holograms and see the fusion in 3D. You can experience audio & video through AR anywhere.

Experience the reality you imagine. Integrate your business with technology and make it profitable. We build amazing AR apps for different ventures to add more value to our clients. With Bukisweb, you unlock interactive mobile experiences like AR navigation, virtual tours, advanced professional training, and more. We infuse the futuristic approach and implement in reality.

Augmented reality is not only in demand in the gaming and entertaining sector but also in many different sectors.

AR App Development Services at Bukisweb:

  • Location-Based

  • Marker-Less Augmented

  • Superimposition
    of AR

  • 3D image visualization
    in AR

  • Marker-Less Augmented

  • Real-Time Object

  • Face

  • Projection
    Based AR

  • Character Recognition
    through AR

  • GEO based AR app

  • AR mobile app

  • Enterprise augmented
    reality apps

  • 3D modeling in

  • Prototype reviews
    in AR

  • Custom AR app

  • AR games and

  • AR video

  • Real-time athlete performance

Virtual Reality App Development

We let you visualize your dream

Witness your dream world while living in the real world with Bukisweb's Virtual Reality App Development solutions.

From simple VR app development to complex VR applications, we offer innovative VR solutions that meet your market needs and lure your target customers.


  • VR

  • VR Mobile
    App Development

  • VR Game

  • VR Support
    and Maintenance

  • VR Web-Based
    App Development

  • VR Integration
    and Deployment

  • Hassle free communication
    of devices

  • 100% data

  • User-friendly vision

AI Mobile App Development

AI (Artificial Intelligence)-powered mobile apps are emerging as a unique way to serve business purposes and enhance ROI. AI has proven highly useful in mobile app development. Personalized UX/UI, security, feature-richness, attractive design, and performance are the key features of AI-powered mobile apps.

Bukisweb has a team of AI professionals who use the latest practices to scale up your mobile apps. Our developers use advanced AI tools such as Deeplearning4J, Tamr, AI-one, Apache Mahout, Conversica, etc. to build mobile apps that streamline your business.

Prominent Features of Our AI Mobile App Development Services:

  • Personalized
    User Experience

  • Predictive

  • Prediction

  • Voice

  • AI-Driven
    Visual Search

  • Real-Time AI-Powered
    Video Analytics

Wearable App Development

We Build Apps for Next-Generation Devices


Giving a "wow" experience to your customer's life can boost your brand value and reliability. We help you achieve this by creating excellent Wearable App Development for a broad range of devices such as Smart Glasses, Smartwatches, etc. which are gaining popularity among millennials. Bukisweb develop applications for Android and Apple's wearable devices.

Our wearable app development solutions cover building a smart and intuitive application for different wearable devices with the latest features of mobility.


  • Custom Wearable
    App Development

  • Wearable App
    UI/UX Development

  • Android Wearable
    App Development

  • iOS Wearable App

  • Upgrading Existing App
    to Wearable App

  • Apple Smart Watch
    App Development

  • Google Glass
    App Development

  • Wearable UI/UX

Enterprise Mobile App Development

Bukisweb offers enterprise mobile app development services for both customer-facing apps and internal-facing employee apps. From end-to-end app development to team extensions and team extensions to project management, we specialize in cross-platform apps to deliver you a solution that suits your business objectives.

Our Unique Approach to Enterprise App Development:

  • End-To-End Service
  • Team Extensions
  • Enterprise software development
  • Enterprise mobility solutions

Hire Dedicated App Development Team

Upgrade your mobile app development process with our dedicated mobile app developers. Our team has delivered many highly successful projects for elite clients from Europe to the USA.

Excellent Qualities of Our Development Team That Stand Out From Others

  • International Exposure
  • Certified Development Skills
  • Business Intelligence
  • Use Strategic Workflow
  • Master Full Technology Stack
  • Well-Versed in Industry Trends

Mobile App UX/UI Design Services

We are a decade old software development company serving international brands from ASIA to Western countries. Our mobile app designers have hands-on experience with typographic skills, PhotoShop, HTML5, CSS3, Xcode, and more.

Our UI/UX designers collaborate with business analysts and development team to establish integrity in mobile app design that reflects our client's business value. Our app design team is like a small design studio within a big IT company that can help you bring stunning design solutions.

Our Mobile App UI/UX Design Services

  • Design

  • UI and UX

  • AR experience

  • UI and Usability

  • UX/UI

  • Cross-Platform

  • User-friendly
    interface design

  • Dashboard interface

  • Intuitive mobile
    UI design

  • Prototype mobile
    UI development

Mobile App Testing Services

When you collaborate with Bukisweb, you get decade-old experience in QA and mobile testing services. We leverage best practices & standards, and the latest technology trends to offer you flawless mobile app solutions within a fixed timeframe. Being a reputed mobile app development company in the USA, we have helped many global companies to upgrade their existing business apps through quality testing and automation tools that have enabled them to reach the highest QA & testing capacity in minimal effort & time.

We know that your mobile app is a great asset that should give value to your customers. Therefore, we employ holistic mobile app testing approach that involves visual QA, manual testing, and automated testing to ensure that your app runs smoothly and generates high ROI while retaining users.

Our Mobile App Testing Services That Make You Fully Assured:

  • On-device
    Localization Testing

  • Automated

  • Visual

  • User Acceptance

  • QA

  • Agile Testing

  • Mobile App Security

  • Mobile Usability

  • Mobile App
    Performance Test

  • Mobile App
    Test Automation

  • Bug Tracking
    and Fixing

  • Accessibility and
    Compatibility Test

Social Media App Development like WhatsApp & Telegram

Are you looking to build a social networking app like WhatsApp and Telegram? Bukisweb is a renowned mobile app development company which is developing social media apps for a decade. We don’t need to explain the need for social media apps in the modern digital world as 3.81 billion people use social networking apps across the world. WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Skype, Line, and Snapchat are some of the highly popular messaging apps that are known for their unique features.

Bukisweb helps you build social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and more that can bring stunning success to your dream mobile app in a high-scale. We build highly interactive social media apps that leverage your business exposure to reach the global audience and engage them with great interactive tools.

Our Social Media App Development Qualities That Help Your Brand Reach Global Level

  • Instant Messaging Apps like WhatsApp, SnapChat, Line, Telegram, etc.

  • Custom social
    networking apps

  • Social network
    analysis tool

  • Dating

  • Video-based

  • Online Polling & Review

  • Promotional

  • Contest Apps like
    Dream 11

  • Social Games
    like PUBG

  • Video Conferencing Apps
    like Zoom

We Use the Latest Technology Stack that Can Make Your Social Media App Go Viral

  • Chatbots

  • IoT

  • Blockchain

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Augmented reality

  • Live Streaming Functionality

  • Robust Mobile CMS

  • Social Integrations

M-Commerce App Development

Let no boundaries limit your business reach.

Today's users are found on their smartphones. With 3 billion active users on smartphones, mobile platforms have become a critical marketplace for e-commerce industry.

Bukisweb has established businesses of retail stores, SMEs, local stores, small scale to enterprise scale companies expanding their online market reach through m-commerce. We have more than 10 years of experience in building mobile commerce apps that drive results and generates high revenue for our clients. We offer a complete suite of mobile commerce app development solutions customized to your USPs and business needs.

Our M-commerce app development solutions that hit conversion and sales:

  • Mobile Commerce App

  • Migration from eCommerce
    to M-commerce

  • M-Commerce
    App Design

  • Mobile wallet

  • M-Commerce market

  • Mobility Business
    Integration Services

  • M-Commerce Theme and
    Template Design

  • M-Commerce

  • M-Commerce Shopping
    Cart Development

  • Mobile Trade

  • On-demand
    mobile apps

  • Retail

  • Mobile payment

  • Media and entertainment

Mobile App Marketing Services by Bukisweb

Not only videos, but your mobile app can also go viral like FaceApp. But this requires a great app marketing strategy.

Mobile apps are powerful business asset as they expand online reach rapidly. The big challenge comes after mobile app development how to promote the app so maximum users download it quickly and the app also retains those users for a long time.

At Bukisweb, we offer effective mobile app marketing services that expand your app's exposure to the world by using current industry practices. Our app experts use app store optimization techniques and empower with well-planned marketing strategy across all platforms that can leave the competition behind and reach the top ranking.

This converts into higher app visibility and traffic, as a result, it increases more downloads for your app and marketizes extensively to the target customers.

Our Mobile App Marketing Services That Push Your App to the World:

  • Increase App Downloads and
    User Acquisition

  • Effective Mobile App
    Monetization Plan

  • Mobile App Marketing Strategy
    & Consulting

  • Pre-launch
    App Campaign

  • Post-launch
    App Campaign

  • App Store
    Optimization (ASO)

  • App

  • User Acquisition
    & Retention

  • Mobile App

  • App Review

  • Viral

  • Mobile app

  • App

  • PR writing and

  • App Conversion

Progressive Web App Development

Dynamic solutions for a dynamic world

Progressive Web Apps ensures users with seamless, reliable and rapid web browsing experience. PWA bridge the gap between a mobile app and a mobile website by enabling features such as Native app-like UI, better load speed, offline capability and minimal size requirement.

At Bukisweb, we follow a futuristic approach to develop Progressive Web App solutions that allow users to access the web app from any device seamlessly.

We are a reputed Progressive Web App development company having deployed many robust and scalable web apps across all industry verticals. Our developers build PWAs that run flawlessly on diverse screen sizes and devices.

Our Smart PWA Services:

  • Customized Progressive
    App Development

  • Progressive Web
    App Design

  • Quality Assurance

  • Cross-browser Web
    App Development

  • Offline Web App

  • Responsive Web App

  • Application Shell

  • Secure Data

  • PWA Maintenance &
    Tech Support

The answer to this lies in what specific Mobile App requirements you have. Size of the app, your particular requirements, time to develop the app, features and functions incorporated in the app, all contribute towards the costing. You can check our mobile app development packages to get a mode clear picture, or you can call us to speak directly about your requirement.

We are very much concerned about our clients and take every step to keep our communication and everything related to the project between us only. If you want, we can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you, ensuring full confidentiality of your project.

Yes, you will be getting the full ownership of the mobile application source code.

Mobile App marketing and App Store Optimization is different to app development. As a complete digital service provider, we also provide dedicated service for marketing, but that is not included with the app development. You can opt for App Store Optimization and marketing services consulting us after your app is developed.

It specifically depends on the user requirement. If you are targeting a specific OS or device than go for native, else for multi-OS and devices, hybrid apps are a suitable option.

Our process is all about incorporating scalable features, which leaves room for further technological advancement and changes. So, you can have you app updated and scaled up later on whenever you require as per your particular needs.

In our development process we offer quality assurance and testing, however when we hand the app to you, you are required to analyze each feature and function of the app and assure that it is working perfectly as you required.

This also depends on the size, feature-specifics, complexity and your specific requirements.

Yes, we can take your business from the web version to the mobile, by creating a mobile app and converting your e-commerce website into an m-commerce store.

yes, you can and it is something that we encourage our clients to do as it helps us to get your approval, idea while you monitor the app development progress, resulting in the right product development.